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Problem With my ssc-32

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Posted: 2011-11-30 09:04 
 Post subject: Problem With my ssc-32
i have 2 problems with my ssc-32

problem 1. when i recieved my ssc-32 the eeprom was half out of the socket
when i tried it out it said no eeprom found, i did receated the eeprom
and no go.

problem 2. i have the ssc-32 power by a 9v bat for logic supply and a lipo 5000mah 25c
for the servos like in the powering options in the fourms image #2 all jumpers are set
up like the image #2

A. i hooked up the cylon blue display on pin #31
then in lynxterm i send cmd #31H <cr> and
the display comes on like should.

now the problem, i unhook the lipo bat and the
the display keeps on runing which it should not do
if i have it like in the image #2 in the powering options

which means the LV2 is getting power from some where else
i did remove the jumper from LS=LV1 and left the jumper for

B. i did go throught the fourms and didn't see anything like this in the fourms at all
would like to get some help with these problems i am a newbeeee with this stuff but
i learn quick

i am runnig the ssc-32 on a bluesmirfe gold at 115k from my pc at the moment, and got the ssc-32 seq software
and running 12 HSR5990TG on a biped Scout, which i got all of this stuff about 2 weeks ago
just finally got the money to power every thing up, this is the only things i found wrong with the stuff
that i got.

and Jim thanks a lot for your help with my order and combining them together :D

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Posted: 2011-11-30 10:41 
Hey Tiger, You have to have a firmware version that supports the EEProm installed in order for the EEProm commands to work. Lets see a picture or two of your set up. You're using the wrong terms in your post VL and VS not LS and LV, but I think I understand. It's conceivable that the display is being powered from the signal line. Some quick tests with a volt meter would sort this out quickly.

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Posted: 2011-11-30 11:04 
firmware version is SSC32-V2.03XE

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Posted: 2011-11-30 11:16 
The XE versions of the firmware do not support the EEPROM. Use version 2.03GP. You can find it here:
http://www.lynxmotion.com/p-395-ssc-32- ... #downloads

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