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CH3-R "C" Leg Assembly Instructions - Step 14 & 15.

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Posted: 2010-11-14 07:52 
I'm assembling my first CH3-R "C" leg, and run into a problem.
In step 14 & 15 of the CH3-R "C" Leg Assembly Instructions, the HS-485HB servo does not seem to fit in place. The standard nut beneath it appears to be in the way. Especially in step 15 this avoids proper mounting, and puts too much stress on the metal bracket.
The correct solution seems to be that I need to get rid of the standard nut. However, then I cannot hold the screw in place... Or was this designed for a nut of half the heigth ?

:?: Am I doing something wrong and/or is there a solution to this problem ?

CH3-R_Leg_Step14.jpg [ 18.57 KiB | Viewed 1907 times ]


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Posted: 2010-11-14 08:10 

Take a look at this thread and especially this post :http://lynxmotion.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5597&start=24.

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Posted: 2010-11-14 11:42 
Thanx! I overlooked this nut inside the HS-485H box. :|
Now everything fits together nicely and tightly...


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