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mini-USB extension cable...

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Posted: 2010-03-21 12:54 
Hopefully simple question - Supposed you have a controller board that has a mini-usb plug on it (such as an Arc-32). Suppose you wish to bury this controller board inside of your robot, but you still want easy access to the USB port. What I am looking for is something like a 6" mini-usb extension cable. So far I have not found any. With current BB2 boards I would solder up my own 9 pin RS232 extension cable.


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Posted: 2010-03-21 13:15 
I found a 60" mini USB cord at the DollarTree store that is made for connecting cameras and cell phones to a computer USB jack. The wire is fairly thin. They also sometimes have the very thin wire retractable USB cords which have regular USB connectors on them. With some tiny soldering these probably could be hacked into what you need.

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Posted: 2010-03-22 11:39 
This might be useful: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... -_-Product

Though I'm not sure how big it is, and the cable only expands out to 2.5', so perhaps not so useful after all...

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Posted: 2010-03-22 12:00 

So far the phoenix the retractable one may work fine. Currently I have to put the phoenix up on the table, have a good light and steady hand to install the usb cable... Would be nice to have an extension that I could mount it somewhere convenient.

Also later when one wants to install it lets say inside the rover it would be nice to have a cable that you could plug into the board and the other end mounts into the chassis or the like.



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