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Power for PS2 receiver

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Posted: 2012-08-04 01:21 
 Post subject: Power for PS2 receiver
So i just got my ARC32 all plugged in and it is looking nice but that is about it.

I have the Lynxmotion PS2 wireless receiver and hooked it the AUX2 and used GND and VCC pins from AUX1 for power.... so I thought!
ANyways...I start the arc32 and notice that no lights on the PS2 receiver turns on so I take it off and I decided to measure the voltage across pin7 and 8 of AUX1 and I am getting no voltage and I have no clue why. From the datasheet, I should be getting a reading around 5V but that is simply not the case.
I am using a 2S LiPo battery that is supplying enough power because I did check the voltage from one of the VCC pins on the headers to GND and it read a healthy 4.99V.
I was wondering if anyone would know why or if this is the case with your arc32? Should I send this back for a replacement?

Sorry for the trouble but thank you for the time and help.

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Posted: 2012-08-04 09:10 
I think the pin out of the AUX2 header of the ARC32 changed with the different versions of it. Not sure which version you have, so not sure what to tell you. Might want to ask Nathan (AcidTech) on Basic MIcro site...


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Posted: 2012-08-04 14:56 
It isn't AUX2 that I have any problems with it is AUX1 when I type to tap into the VCC. I have RevC verson and I did take the jp6 jumpers out bc I am using separate power sources. I just email basic micro and now just waiting for a reply.

Thanks for the help by the way love your work.

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Posted: 2012-08-04 15:47 
on rec C ARC32s the AUX1 header VCC and GND pins are 8 and 6 respectively. I just double checked with as multimeter to confirm it.


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Posted: 2012-08-04 17:37 
Thank you very much Kurt and Nathan. I just checked it on mine and I got power. Excited to get this going.


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