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What do I need to use roborealm with with my 4WD + BB2

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Posted: 2012-07-19 09:21 
Do I need to get the server controller?
If so, which board connects to bluetooth (currently I can drive the vehicle using a Bluetooth connection, this of course
uses the onboard serial ports)

Thanks in Advance

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Posted: 2012-07-20 05:53 

I have been looking at roborealm to do object avoidance and tracking for a while now and I have not seen a way to connect it and a webcam directly to a microcontroller I have a solution to this problem though, there is lots of tutorials to connect roborealm to computer and microcontroller you could this to let it do the web cam stuff and the give the output to a microcontroller to drive the robot the only problem with this is that the you must have a computer board and microcontroller on you robot, I have not yet done this but it could work , maybe a photo is worth 1000 words so I will try to post one or two later


P.S I am very interested in object avoidance and tracking with a webcam and roborealm so maybe we can help each other

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Posted: 2012-07-20 14:15 
My understanding is that the standard setup for roborealm is to use a wireless onboard camera to transmit video back to a host computer running roborealm, I write a program within roborealm to follow the red ball or whatever; and my program sends a series of driving commands back to to my rover. It is the last part that could be a challenge.
I have a 4WD rover with a BB2 controller card. I have created an add-hoc radio control system based on a "BlueSmirf" modem, but of course Roborealm would not be able to use it directly. They did post basic code for a similar system based on the "BOE-bot" which also uses the Basic Stamp, I may try to adapt it to my system


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